Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State Of The Suspect Address

We went for a run wearing our body armor today. That adds a significant amount of weight and constricts your movement a little bit. Good sweat though. Now I just need to eat and then go sit around while my stryker gets worked on.

I haven't been following any of Bush's announcements or anything like that, none of the debates about his plan, nothing like that.

"Your only job is to keep the guy to your left and the guy to your right ALIVE, and complete the mission. You are not IN the fuckin political arena." I heard someone say that not too long ago, and I liked that a lot. He was really cutting through all the bullshit. And that's good, because we're knee deep in it.

Posts will probably still be few and far between, got a lot of things we have to do. Going to the field for two weeks soon, then we'll have all sorts of other tasks to keep us busy.

Please be patient, and I'll bring you all that juicy writing you've been waiting for, when I have time and when everything isn't this mundane.

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membrain said...

If you're in the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Lewis, Wa., it's no secret where you're going. I'll be patient and wait for your juicy posts. All the best.