Monday, January 29, 2007

In Limbo

The clock is ticking with a mind-numbing sense of quicksand. I think I lied about my sleep patterns changing. Almost all of us lie when we go to these evaluations. If not, we'd all be in rehab.

Its not sleeplessness, its just lighter sleep. Noticing more sounds. Or maybe I'm imagining things. Self fulfilling prophecy.

My piece of shit Stryker always needs work. Its a hypochondriac oversized baby. Last Friday I gave the big bastard a big drink of fuel and then took it to drain out. Opened all the drain plugs, and the big bastard pissed its muddy water for ages. I was smarter this time. I changed out of my uniform inside the vehicle and put on a mechanic/flight suit looking green coverall. Nice to have a dry uniform to change back into.

And now I wait for a spot in the maintenance bay to open up so I can bring the stubborn multimilliondollar crybaby in for more work. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but now and then, I'm hit with a sudden revelation that reeks with deja vu. It comes out of nowhere, and hits me like a freight train carrying several tons of bricks.

Holy shit....I'm in the army...

Its something you know all the time, but the magnitude of it isn't always present. In comes in sudden glimpses, massive and all-encompassing, like the eye of God or something. And as quick as it came, its gone.

Tick. Tick. Tick.


hooch said...

i know what you mean...i fired a salute battery at rumsfeld(?)s retiring and bush and cheney and all them were there...didn't even hit me until a couple days later...firing for ford was the same thing...all the rehersals werer annying but when they flew him in on air force one and brought HIS casket just blew me away.

julie anna said...

Every now and then I think, Holy shit, my husband's in the army...and he won't get out!

So you still have fans out here who read regularly and even though I don't write in mine very often, it doesn't mean you are allowed to go so long with out writing in yours...