Monday, January 08, 2007

CLS Yet Again

Yeah, believe it or not, they put me in CLS (Combat Lifesaver) for a what, fourth time? I don't mind though, because I'd like to have as good a grip on this as I can. Hell, sometimes I think I'd like becoming a doctor, but I'm not so sure about eight years of schooling, not to mention the hours, etc.

Someone needs to remind me of course, but when I get out of the army, I'll be sure to post all kinds of videos I've shot, to include me giving and receiving IVs. "Oh yes, there will be blood."

Work is back to normal, and we're actually doing PT again. Seems like its been forever and good GOD do I feel out of shape. Some of the padlocks to our Stryker disappeared, so we'll probably have to get a brand new set. One of a million tiny issues I face as a cursed driver.

Now, I'm sure the internet knows way more about it than I do, but we all know that there's talk of more troops being needed in Iraq. Well I'm not even positive about our deployment date, and even if I was, I'd still be sure not to mention it, but it looks like this blog may become infinitely more interesting one of these days.

Kind of funny when you think about it. I've wanted to go ever since I signed up. The more that it seems like a reality, the more it nearly blows your mind, and that's only in the few and far between moments when your mind can actually grasp it. Despite the millions of questions I've asked people who have been there, I still really don't know what to expect. We, the infantry, never actually work unless we're deployed. Everything else is just training or details...or killing time. There's a blog called "Calm Before The Sand" (currently subtitled "Part Two: The Sand"), and that title really sums up what's going on here. Certainly would be nice to know for sure when we're going, if at all, but I never spend too much time worrying about it.

Typical Day In The Army: Revisited

o600: Wake up to annoying cell phone alarm, allow pure hatred to flow through your body. Self pity galore.

0605: Crawl out of bed, throw PT uniform on, brush teeth, shave.

0620: Head downstairs and stand in formation.

0630: Begin PT. Suck it up, always feels good to be done. Blame endorphins.

0730: Eat and change into BDUs (well, ACUs these days)

0900: Go to work. You are at the mercy of those in charge. God knows what you'll be doing.

1130: Eat. Waste time. Check your fruity myspace page.

1300: Back to work.

1630 (if lucky): Final formation. Released from work. Eat. Waste time.

2200 or later: Crawl into bed and embrace the wonders of sleep, before you know it, it all starts over again. Take it a day at a time and its usually not too bad.

Weekend: Deplete vitamins, minerals, and water in your system by consuming alcohol. Rehabilitate and repeat. Be sure to eat regular meals, eat vitamins, and suck down gatorade.

Relaxing and doing your own thing is also optional.

All things considered, all is well in my department. Homesick? Yeah, but I keep busy. All quiet on the Lewis front. I like it that way.

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membrain said...

It's good to see you blogging again Dude. We may know tonight whe the president goes on TV to talk about the new Iraq strategy, what's in store for you.

I have a picture in my head now of IV's that won't go away and it's all your fault!

Seriously though, I hope you don't have to perform CLS in a real situation but if you do, I know you'll do it well.

Thanks for serving.