Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My sister sent me a link that potentially debunks a few chain emails, the Denzel one included.

It does state that he visited the aforementioned establishment, and did make a contribution, but that the story itself was tainted to shift blame to actors like Madonna and Sean Penn.

All this goes to show is one thing...YOU CANNOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. God I love disinformation. If I wanted, I could make up a whole bunch of shit about how the army brainwashes us. I could make us out to be stormtroopers. Or I could spout off all sorts of Holy War, God is on our side, we are right and they are wrong bullshit.

The truth is, everything is one huge complicated web of miscommunication and the endless chain reactions that result from it. Welcome to the truth, life is just semi-organized chaos.

So just like the article I was sent from Chet Zar (awesome artist by the way), who got it from another website, use your own discretion and judgment when reading not only what I post, but EVERYTHING in general.

You know how you can BE THERE and witness something, and when someone you know retells the story, its not quite the same? Some things are omitted, some are exaggerated, and some are outright fabricated? Well the media is even better at doing that. Its their bread and butter. So once again, think for yourself, don't swallow the bait all the time. Disinformation is an excellent tool for manipulation.


Los Tragos said...

What a great blog!! Congratulations!!

TheUsualSuspect said...

Thank you.

julie anna said...

I saw your note on the side for spouses and girlfriends. Say no to Jody. Too funny. Jody is no good anyway.