Saturday, October 07, 2006


Let's review the count. Two good friends AWOL, roommate/best friend in the slow process of medical discharge. And today I'm the "gay" one because I don't want to drink at 11 AM.

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, most likely will.

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamic Gravity as per the definition a friend of mine and I have given it, states that "gravity" takes everything that is good and pulls it down and causes it to seperate. Its the force that causes the unstoppable decay of anything that doesn't completely suck. It steals the good and leaves only the mildew and rust of the bad. And apparently nothing is safe.

This is where everything turns into different shades of gray, and I stop caring. Rather than lamenting it like a victim, I turn to stone. Not even bitter, methodically update the iPod and grab the hooded sweatshirt. Leave the barracks like a curse for a little while. Maybe I'll catch that new movie about dreams or whatever. Same guy who made Eternal Sunshine. Is that irony or what.

Atleast the sky is completely gray and isn't trying to lie. Blue skies on a shitty day are hypocritical. Like sweeping dirt under a rug and pretending it isn't there. The honesty is a lot better. Makes it easier to digest it all and spit it out that much faster.

The calendar is losing weight.

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jentard said...

sorry you having such a shitty time. however, 14 days to go...yes, i'm counting! can't wait to see you. it'll be 'good times' as cousin dan so eloquently puts it.
i heart you doughboy!