Tuesday, October 31, 2006


People seem to like it when I post something, even if it isn't about anything in general.

We still aren't doing anything that I'd consider interesting. We finished the Stryker Net training, and now we're slowly chipping away at more mortar certification. Gun drills and exams. More crap that we won't use in Iraq. And honestly, that we hopefully won't use anywhere else, because hopefully we won't go anywhere else.

I no longer have the idealist illusions about more soldiers being needed, etc. The idealist illusions that caused me to enlist. My presence here is an anonymous blip. All I do is show up, jump through hoops, and collect a paycheck while leaving my original life on hold.

No one likes to listen to someone else bitch, but believe me, this isn't me bitching. I could write a book if I wanted to full of complaints, but so could any of you. Like I'm always saying (to myself mostly), this is how it is, go from here.

I hate politics, so I won't use my very limited knowledge of how the world works to spout off about whatever party its currently trendy to dislike. I don't pay any attention to the news, its just people twisting words and events to further their own careers. The commercials advertise products I'm supposed to buy while the news advertises things I'm supposed to believe, and opinions I'm supposed to have. So there's something I won't be writing about.

Tell you what, I'll summarize what the deal is right now. Just like the title says, I'm just another fish out of water, doing my time. One of the guys in my unit reenlisted for six years today. You'll never see me do that. A handful of guys have gone AWOL since I've been here. You won't see me doing that either. Instead, you'll see me taking the bad with the good and sucking it up for a few more years. As for now, everything is pretty stagnant, and I just can't seem to bring myself to care about the busywork they're handing us. We are very VERY unlikely to be using mortars in the desert.

But, as always, I'll post later. I'm so unmotivated that even this writing is shitty. Thank god I'm not looking for a book deal huh?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Bulletin

We've already established that MySpace is a double edged sword, but let's talk about bulletins. Namely the few and far between that are worth reading.

The following is a bulletin reposted by an artist I admire a lot, Mr. Chet Zar. Though the original author of the bulletin is obviously of left wing alignment, ignore that. In my limited knowledge of the world, I've gained the sneaking suspicion that political parties just fuck things up more than they already are. That is why I invite you to read something I found intriguing, and form YOUR OWN OPINION rather than jumping on your own favored bandwagon (a woman who called me brainwashed before I offered a single opinion during a train ride home almost a year ago comes to mind). So come on, think outside the TV shaped box now and then. I'd like some input on this. Whether I hate it or love it is unknown to you, and also irrelevant. Agree or disagree, here it is.

from moveon.org

MoveOn's Plan to Win Congress, One Vote at a Time
An Opportunity for Change

Our country is headed in the wrong direction, but this fall is the best opportunity we've had in several years to turn it around.

It's a dark time. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer; the deficit is through the roof; the climate is warming but our energy policy has been written by oil companies; our basic democratic traditions, from the 4th amendment to the separation of powers, are under attack; we're spending billions each month on an occupation that's killed thousands without making us any safer.

Our body politic has been wounded, and as long as right-wing Republicans control all three branches of government, we can't even stop the bleeding. MoveOn members have voted to pursue clean energy, universal health care and democracy restored as our core positive agenda. But this kind of progress is difficult to imagine as long as Republicans maintain their lock on power in DC.

That's why our goal is to win control of Congress, so we can begin moving forward on the issues that matter.

The Outlook for November

That won't happen overnight. But this fall, we have a chance to take a big step forward, to win a bunch of seats or even take the House entirely.

Why are we so optimistic?

Public frustration with the mess in Washington rose this winter to historic levels, and has been largely stable since then. The Republican Party is split over civil liberties and immigration. Polls show disapproval with Congress is higher than it's been since 1994, when Republicans first swept to power. The number of competitive congressional races has jumped in the last year, and Democrats' advantage in Congressional polls is as great as the lead Republicans enjoyed in 1994.

In this context, it's possible to imagine a tipping point election where Democrats sweep into power, just as Republicans did 12 years ago. In fact, experts say it's increasingly likely.

(Of course, simply electing Democrats won't solve our nation's problems, but once we've helped get Democrats into office, we'll push hard to make sure they live up to their promises and fight for progressive causes.)

Voter Turnout Is the Key

It can happen. Whether it will depends in part on what we do.

This election will be all about turnout. Congressional elections generally have much lower turnout than presidential elections, and pollsters expect this fall to have even lower turnout than usual. In this context, the winner will be the side that turns out its base.

Getting people to vote can be as simple as getting in touch with them, reminding them what's at stake in the election, and making sure they know where to vote. But to do this, you need people. Person-to-person contact by energetic volunteers is far better than direct mail, computer-generated "robo-calls" or TV ads.

The good news is, we have people—3 million motivated MoveOn members from coast to coast. If we can tap into this enormous well of potential energy, we can get enough voters to the polls to help defeat the Republicans.

The Plan

Our plan is to organize the largest grassroots phonebank in nation through Operation Democracy, MoveOn's network of local volunteer leaders. Between now and Election Day, MoveOn members from New York to New Iberia will make over 5 million phone calls into 30 highly competitive congressional districts plus selected Senate races . We'll use cutting-edge technology to connect volunteers with progressive voters who might not otherwise vote. We'll talk to enough people to change the outcome in some of these very tight races.

At the beginning of the program, we're going to use a new technique to increase the efficiency of our calls. We'll call voters in target districts and ask them a few questions. Based on their answers—and some high powered statistics—we'll be able to tell who is likely to be progressive and who isn't.

In October, MoveOn volunteers will call millions of these targeted progressive voters to talk about the importance of the upcoming election. Then, in the 4 days before the election, we'll go back to these voters to remind them about the election and make sure they know where to vote. And finally, on Election Day, we'll make sure they get to the polls.

And the best part is, this works. We tested this method in the April special election in California's 50th district. The result: our calls had a greater impact, per voter, than any volunteer phonebank ever measured! And we'll continue to use experimentation and technology to increase our effectiveness.

The key is to make lots of calls. We'll need 50,000 MoveOn members, making over 5 million calls from home, from phone parties, and from MoveOn offices. If we can do this, we'll make contact repeatedly with over 20,000 voters in each of our 30 target districts.

We can't get that many people involved by email alone. That's why we're deploying 100 skilled field organizers around the country. They'll help volunteer leaders in their area recruit MoveOn members to join in as Phone Volunteers, and then support those Phone Volunteers throughout the campaign.

Our efforts alone would be enough to swing a number of close races to Democrats. But fortunately, we're not alone—some of our most important allies are also working hard to make sure progressives vote (and, where possible, we'll be coordinating our work). On November 7th, these efforts will help Democrats win a bunch of seats--or even take the House entirely.

But this doesn't end in November. That's why, even as we get voters to the polls this fall, we'll be building for the long term. By the end of the campaign, we'll have a vibrant progressive infrastructure in cities from coast to coast that can focus on holding the new Congress accountable, electing more progressives, and winning change from the ground up.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back From The Dead

I'm still here folks, just haven't had anything worth writing about. Strykernet of the mortar pursuasion. Scraping your skin off with an old SOS pad is more fun, trust me.

And, as the more intuitive of you may have guessed, my morale has been pretty low these days. I went home for the weekend of my 21st birthday, and it was awesome to say the least. I'm just going to leave it at an understatement, and hopefully you can connect a really really great time with this notion here. Just to make sure we understand each other though, it was a weekend for the history books. And no, I didn't throw up.

Getting on the plane to come back would have been nearly impossible if I would have allowed myself to think about it. Being record-breakingly hung over probably helped too. For now, I'm here. I'm in the army. I got myself here, I'll deal with it. Same rant you've heard over and over again.

I'll reward you all with better, more interesting, nay, CAPTIVATING writing later on, when my muse has returned, and is in the office on the same day that something interesting actually happens.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This goes out to all the young Joes. A little piece of what SHOULD BE common sense that I'd like to share.


"Oh come on dude, why not?"

Why not, oh well pull up a chair, princess, and I'll tell you why not. You see, MySpace is the score upon which Satan writes his requiems of treachery. Nothing good can come from meeting a girl off of myspace, sorry. The truth is one bitter, broken glass shard pill that may be hard to swallow for some of you young hopefuls. But do yourself a favor and listen to the wise sage that is me. DON'T DO IT. Treat this with more importance than the safety briefings you disregard every Friday before close of business formation.

"Dude....I asked why not. Either answer or leave me alone."

All right spanky, listen up. Its a well known FACT that its not smart to mess with army wives. Its an even MORE well known fact that it isn't smart to mess with army wives whose husbands are DEPLOYED. Now, some, not all, but some army wives (or girlfriends even) are less than trustworthy. And MySpace, ladies and gentlemen, as you well know, is a perfect breeding ground for ALLLLLL sorts of scandalous activity. Hey, if guys weren't getting shot over this, I wouldn't care.

TWO married, YOUNG girls just left our barracks. They were hanging around here with some guys I know. After they left, one dude told me they were both married, which is why he kept his distance. Congratulations, guy, you aren't a moron.

But all ranting aside, let me just reiterate my point. DO NOT MESS WITH OTHER SOLDIERS' WOMEN, THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT TO GRASP. Save everyone some trouble and keep that Days of Our Lives bullshit ON THE TV where it belongs.

That, and any girl who will meet you off of myspace, will ALSO meet almost any other guy. Sorry dude, but this isn't a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie. Use your head.

"Then why the hell do you have a MySpace account for your stupid-ass blog?!"

Shut up. No myspace girls/wives. No! Bad!

If by now I haven't made myself clear, well then you deserve to be shot (minorly wounded of course). Go look for girls in bookstores or something. Anywhere in the REAL world. Stop sucking so bad. The Divine Sage is going to bed. If you have any questions, don't look for girls on MySpace. Problem solved.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Being the stubborn You Can't Beat Me asshole that I am, I've decided that I would conquer even this pitiful little slump with vindictive arrogance.

"Well how do you plan on doing that, oh ruthless one?"

Simple. I walked to a friend's room and knocked until HE answered. Keyword here is HE. I then addressed him.

"Jessica, hi, listen, I'm going to need you to go ahead and grab those neat little keys of yours and hop into your beloved car and drive me to some place that sells DVDs. Now, seeing as you're currently eating pizza, I won't even have to feel obligated to buy you dinner or anything, which really makes my own selfish ends that much more wonderful. So whenever you're ready, knock on my door, princess, and I'll leave you some gas money."

We went to the main PX, where some musical pop-pseudo-divas that I've never heard of were supposedly autographing CDs while remaining an otherwise anonymous blip on the American Pop Culture radar. After he bought what he needed, my friend and I trekked to Target or something like that off post, where I snatched up Season 1 of the best show ever, Scrubs. Those of you who are in fact, Scrubs-savvy will catch my borrowing of Dr. Cox's use of patronization and calling a guy by a girl's name.

To compensate him, I took him to see Jackass 2.

And now I'm going to investigate a disturbance in the hallway.


The barracks are slightly festive. Scrubs is my alibi.


Let's review the count. Two good friends AWOL, roommate/best friend in the slow process of medical discharge. And today I'm the "gay" one because I don't want to drink at 11 AM.

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, most likely will.

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamic Gravity as per the definition a friend of mine and I have given it, states that "gravity" takes everything that is good and pulls it down and causes it to seperate. Its the force that causes the unstoppable decay of anything that doesn't completely suck. It steals the good and leaves only the mildew and rust of the bad. And apparently nothing is safe.

This is where everything turns into different shades of gray, and I stop caring. Rather than lamenting it like a victim, I turn to stone. Not even bitter, methodically update the iPod and grab the hooded sweatshirt. Leave the barracks like a curse for a little while. Maybe I'll catch that new movie about dreams or whatever. Same guy who made Eternal Sunshine. Is that irony or what.

Atleast the sky is completely gray and isn't trying to lie. Blue skies on a shitty day are hypocritical. Like sweeping dirt under a rug and pretending it isn't there. The honesty is a lot better. Makes it easier to digest it all and spit it out that much faster.

The calendar is losing weight.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Low Man's Lyric

I'd give a better update if I had anything to say.

Another one of my friends went AWOL. My roommate has begun the long tedious process of receiving a medical discharge.

Last night, I walked to the Rec Center and traded my ID for a movie and a pair of headphones. I sat down in the dark in a recliner and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It was the highlight of my week.