Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On The Road Again

I've effectively gotten myself out of Stryker driving school. Instead, I was redirected to learn to drive a 5 ton, those trucks we're always riding in the back of. If its one thing you don't want, its a 5 Ton license. That's worse than having a humvee license (which they're trying to push for me to get next).

"Whoa, hold on! Military vehicles are sweet! Why wouldn't you want to be licensed to drive them?"

Well my friends, the answer is very simple once you lace up your desert boots and dive into the world of the line company lifestyle. You see, when you can lawfully operate such "cool" machinery, that means that your name pops up anytime the bosses need a vehicle for whatever mission or errand. If a vehicle needs to be ready bright and early at some ridiculous hour, YOU are a volunteer.

"Ah. Well atleast you still get your weekends guaranteed off."

WRONG! The more vehicles you can drive, the more you are everyone's bitch. But that's the army lifestyle. What's worse, when we next go into the field, there's talk of me driving one of the strykers. That's cute and all, but I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be a SAW gunner for the time being. So I'm employing confusion and disinformation, as well as conspiring with others to somehow get a different driver OKed for our squad, so that I can stick out of one of the hatches on the Stryker and spit lead.

In other news, Liberals and Conservatives continue to argue and slander each other, effectively leaving me with large amounts of doubt and no real source for guidance. Information is twisted, sometimes even falsified. Thinking for yourself has never been more difficult.

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