Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Night Driving

In the back of the unlit five ton, the dirt road was determined to spit us out and onto the gravel, bouncing like rag dolls. Inside, we were jostled (such a word sounds so jovial) around with an intensity that was more than inhumane. My innards were rearranged in a somewhat painful manner, my gall bladder and spleen have traded places and my kidneys are hiding in my stomach for safety. My intestines are in knots, but I think they're still in the same place they were this morning.

Driving with nightvision is an exercise in futility. Visibility? Hah, no. No humorous details, it was just a big mess and nothing bad happened. I was pretty certain I was going to end up rearing-ending a Stryker, but luckily, nay.

See you all in a few days.

1 comment:

GI Kate said...

"That's right, after we finished annihilating portions of the woods to keep the fire from spreading, we had to go back and UNDO what we'd been doing. Sounds like the army, right?"

i always ask myself, "when the hell did the Army lose its common sense? or did they ever have any?