Saturday, September 16, 2006


I've been gone for a few days, and came back to a bunch of comments emailed to me, all saying the same thing my sister and I talked about before I left. This is the way terrorism works, it instills fear and coerces others into going along with demands by using the threat of violence.

This just needs to serve as a warning, a reminder that myself and other writers have to be careful about what they put in writing, since anyone can see it. Same as always, I'll post when anything interesting happens or when I have some rant I feel I need to post. Unfortunately, I probably won't be posting pictures or any of the videos I make, or atleast not at first. Never say never, right?

An example from one voice of reason.

"It's your call of course whether or not you shut down your blog. But consider this; they'll still be using the internet as a tool to kill us. On the other hand if you shut down your blog; it's a small victory for THEM. You are a rational, intelligent, creative writer with a great sense of humour. We in the western world need people like you to voice their thoughts. You will soon be going from training to making history. People such as yourself, Tim Boggs, Buck Sargent and Colby Buzell help get the word out without endangering OPSEC.

Many people here in Canada and The USA have lost their moral compass. They can not/will not come to grips with the fact that we are at WAR. Our civilization is in danger. Think long and hard about this please. Don't hand them even the tiniest victory. Don't let them silence you." -Membrain

To let someone stop me from doing something like this would be completely unamerican. Fuck these guys, they aren't taking anything from me..


Anonymous said...

Solid decision, man.

Anonymous said...

You rock!

julie anna said...

Glad you will keep your blog. It's definately a good rainy day read and I agree it is so important to be careful.

membrain said...

That's the way to do it. Way to go. I've always looked forward to reading about your progress. Thanks for doing what you're doing.