Tuesday, August 22, 2006

PFC Butters

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From Cory: "So there's my older brother, PFC Ryan aka 'Butters' doing what he does best, being a total bad a*s and showing the world that I'm the shi* and he misses me."

I had no idea what was written on Ryan's hard hat, so I asked him when he called. I guess it's "Butters". I don't watch South Park, so Cory had to explain to me that Butters is a character on South Park. Ryan...what can I say. You're special.


Anonymous said...

BIO: Leopold "Butters" Stotch
"On the surface, he's King of the Innocents. Underneath, he's a righteous mofo with a secret superhero (Professor Chaos), ready to take revenge on those who've mistaken him for a wuss."

Too funny. That's my boy...

Anonymous said...

wow...damn. Ryan, when you get the chance to read this...both Chad and I saw that picture of you rockin' the fireman getup and all of a sudden realized just how PROUD of you we are. Just..damn. There's not a single other thing we can say about but that.

Made me tear up a little...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting out that fire, Ryan. You are awesome!