Friday, August 11, 2006

No Rest For The Wicked

Today's actually been a pretty easy day to be honest. We had our layout, inspected by a Specialist (E4), and he was pretty cool about it. I wasn't missing too many items, and its a bit lax because the packing list is ancient. I don't know why we didn't devise a new one, but eh...ok.

Things on the list that make little to no sense:

-Rubber overshoes (NBC): Keyword here is rubber. Rubber melts.

-Polypro: It isn't too cold, and I can see having them with us for nights or something when we're back at the FOB, but as far as work goes, I know someone whose polypros fused to his fleece jacket. That was without fire.

-Pistol belt: these aren't even part of basic issue anymore since we have new MOLLE II gear, which we aren't bringing. Kevlar helmet is also not a part. We'll be issued specialized gear I assume.

-Poncho: also can melt.

-Wet weather gear: MELTS.

But hey, its on the list. Doesn't mean I have to actually use it. Also, our desert boots can't be worn to fight fires, so we were issued new all leather black boots. They look immensely stupid with ACUs. That, and ACUs get dirty easy, and they pretty much suck all around. I'm just going to wear my old BDUs the whole time. For those of you who don't know, BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) are the green woodland camo uniforms that we've nearly phased out, thanks to our fruity new Logic Defying Uniforms.

We also spray painted the bottoms of our duffel bags a sand color and then stenciled in black our unit, last initial and last four digits of our social security numbers. Now we're about to go get a bunch of briefings, so peace, I'm out.

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