Monday, August 28, 2006


I remember us going somewhere, probably to Hasting's or Blockbuster, and me trying to get into your abominable Citation. That car was a death trap...but it was fun to ride in nonetheless, even if you did have to get in and out of the passenger side door to get to the driver side door. I think you sold it to Chance, and whenever I see a crappy old white Citation drive by, I naturally can't help glancing to see if it's you driving down 10th. Just like I can't help but look at The Worx to see if you're there. I remember when you took me there, and showed me all those stupid websites. They were hilarious, but stupid. I still don't get this one :)

Maybe it was my junior year, maybe it was senior year, but I remember coming home way past curfew and realizing I had forgotten my keys. You were always there to bail me out :) Then I remember that time I was downstairs, Dad was yelling at me for my latest offense, and you were upstairs, talking to me through my hearing aides with that microphone thingy, trying to make me laugh, not knowing I was in trouble. I tried so hard not to laugh at what you were saying, knowing it would piss Dad off even more, but finally I couldn't hold back the smile. Ha ha...once he realized what was going on he wasn't quite so mad at me anymore.

I think about Grandma Norma a lot. Whenever I see "The Young and the Restless" I think of us, sitting in her lap, asking her when we could have our morning snack. You loved Popeye...and she would give you spinach to make you strong. :)

Remember when we took that IQ test online, and I got so mad at you because you scored higher than me? Ha ha...

I didn't realize this before, but I took having you right there for granted. Now I spend time with Cory and Chad, and I enjoy it...I told Cory he should write something to you, but you know him..."I'll tell him what I want to say to his face." We watched "Yakistan" and laughed so hard...he was able to explain the parts I didn't understand. We're still waiting for the sequel!!!

In a way, I'm a little envious of you. I know it has to suck at times being away from home, but you're out there, doing something. Fighting forest fires is making a difference. Gotta save the critters, you know? :)

Anyway, I'm bored, so I'm gonna go bother Dad and Cory while I wait for Chris to get his lazy bum home from work. :D

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Jereman said...

I have a Grandma Norma too!