Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Verdict

After work today, I was called into the CO's office and received my Article 15. I didn't opt for court martial, because that would just be stupid, and would draw this out even longer, and I'm guilty anyway.

The CO asked my section sgt and the 1st Sergeant about my character as a soldier and the recommended punishment. My section sergeant stated that I was an outstanding soldier (exaggeration is an incredibly ally, and yes, this statement is tongue in cheek) and made a stupid choice and am now paying for it. He recommended maximum restriction and extra duty (14 days) and the suspension of one rank and the suspension of the loss of pay. The 1st Sergeant agreed with him, noted that he'd seen me perform and that I wasn't a bad soldier, I just screwed up (stated in a very random and colorful way, as that man comes up with the most off the wall things to say, and it always catches us by surprise. I bit my tongue so as not to laugh).

The CO decided that he agreed with all of that, and reminded me that while the rank and pay reduction were suspended, should I mess up during the 90 day period, I'll lose all of that, and can possibly be demoted all the way to E1.

I grabbed some dinner and then signed in for my first night of extra duty. It isn't hard, and I had to laugh at myself a little as some of my friends periodically came out to point and laugh. I told them I hope their next urinalysis gets swapped with a urine sample from Keith Richards. And yes, you get plenty of time to think about how dumb you are. I was mainly thinking about walking on eggshells for 90 days, and also about how horrible I felt physically.

This is absolutely perfect timing. I woke up feeling like a bag of dog excrement left in the sun on the hot asphalt for a week. I figured it was because I'd started working out at the gym, and the past two sessions tore my girlish little boy figure up. But after a while, I noticed that not only were my muscles sore, but my nerves feel like razor blades, my eyes hurt, along with other sphere shaped organs that come in pairs, my joints, pretty much my whole body, and my head is pounding. The kicker, most likely my tonsils, the throat hurts and I'm pretty sure I've got pus on my tonsils. I've got flu symptoms. So odds are, I've got tonsilitis again.

I'm considering going to the aid station after PT tomorrow morning. The next few weeks are going to be pretty faced pace, and I don't want to clear houses feeling like this. If I can, I might just get the tonsils out. The thing is, that would get me put on quarters, where I would basically stay in my room and recover. Seeing as I've started extra duty, the days must run consecutively, even if I can't work. I don't really want people to think that I'm just trying to get out of it, but there's no way I'm going to keep working like this.

Besides, my alcohol counselor told me I should get them taken out last time I talked to her, and that was only a couple weeks ago. Along with a wisdom tooth. We'll see. For now, I feel pretty lame, and plan on curling into the fetal position and wallowing in misery like the little baby I am.

Extra duty tasks for today:

sweep, mop, and clean each floor and common areas.

attempt to locate weed eater, fail.

Mow grass.

Water grass.

Take trashes out.

And I think that's all we really had to do. Like I said, none of this is hard, or even anything to complain about. A friend of mine even came out with a camera to take pictures of me and one of my friends who is also on extra duty.

I didn't lose rank. Thanks, Cathy, for praying for me. Mom probably did too, she's quirky like that.


julie anna said...

That's good you didn't lose rank or pay. And you saw Lt Watada the other day? I don't care for him, but what are the chances? Sucks that you are sick. They take care of us at Madigan, but as infantry, I don't think your doctors take care of you guys. They usually just shove my husband out the door without solving anything. But then he's part of the worst Brigade in the army...that may have something to do with it. Hopefully you guys have better luck.

Breezy said...

Madigan, heh, had a flight physical there before. :) Doctor touched places on me nobody (thank God) has ever touched before that (gee, thanks God). lol

I'm glad you didn't lose rank dude... That is the important part. :)

Believe it or not I'm learning from stuff like this right now. Getting an inside look into the enlisted Soldier's mind lets me know what they're thinking so I can help them.