Saturday, July 29, 2006

Update For An Illness

I finished vomiting my guts out and feeling completely pitiful, ate some soup and popped another antibiotic and two aspirin, then wrapped up in a blanket and watched "Lost In Translation" while sweating my ass off. When the movie was over, I DID feel better, feels like the fever has broken, but I've still got a massive headache and my whole head feels incredibly congested. Like its in a vise, and its hard to see further away, but who cares, I'm in my room.

I took a look at my tonsils in the mirror, as well as I could see anyway, and yeah, they've got a nice healthy amount of pus oozing out of them like phlegmy white rivers of disease. Hell with it, I'll burn the infection out with overheated Cup O Noodles. With any luck, I'll be good to go tomorrow. We'll see.

Oh, and apparently some dude got a DUI last night. Sucks for him. Its funny, cuz the other day when I was mopping, I was joking with him saying, "Don't drink underage, this could be you." He laughed, being that he's in his mid twenties and said, "Not gonna happen." Writers call this "foreshadowing."


Anonymous said...

Hey, you need to drink plenty of Gatorade or a juice that has potassium, it'll help with the fever and keep you hydrated. Believe it or not jello and applesauce should stay down, and if not doesn't hurt coming back up. Be careful, rest and keep a cold washcloth over your'll help you sleep better, 'kay? Take care of yourself! A Soldier's Angel and Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow ~ that wasn't even from your mom.... but advise I would agree with!

In response to your post, I call what happened to your friend Kharma!!

Glad you're feeling better