Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rear D

We spent all day cleaning SAWs and 240s. Eventful, let me tell ya. There's a handful of new guys here now, and like me when I got here, they aren't taking block leave because they used their leave after basic. Another guy and I taught them how to take 240Bravos apart and clean them. Pretty strange that someone as clueless as I am is passing on knowledge.

While waiting for formation: "What the hell? Why are you guys all clusterfucked? Stand in formation unless you want to get jacked up." (IE- "smoked" by an NCO)

"Don't take the buttstock [off of the 240] while the weapon is charged, pull the handle back, squeeze down the trigger, and ride the bolt forward, otherwise that spring is going to shoot out [causing who knows what kind of injury]."

"No, man. Hold the barrel up to the light, you can see the specks of carbon in there. Rod it a few more times and it should be good."

"See right there? All that dirt still caked on? Take a Q-tip and wipe as much of that as you can so we can turn these in."

Give them a month, and they'll know everything I know about the 11Bravo world. Two months, and half of them will know more. But I'll still have that minute amount of 11 Charlie knowledge over them. Plus, these guys are fun to mock-yell at. They get the humor in it, an added bonus.

Almost everyone is on leave. Our company as of now is about the size of a platoon. Right now, the barracks are empty, except for one new guy who's walking around sipping Budweiser, and maybe a couple other quiet souls. I'm just watching movies for now. Absolutely nothing to do. The civilians that I knew from the area around here are all home on summer break.

Tomorrow I might find something to do. I always say I'm going to go to Tacoma and find some way to entertain myself, but so far, I've only managed the first part. For now, anyway, I'll stick with these same familiar four walls. I think I'll check Julie Anna's page and see what's going on in her neck of the woods.


Breezy said...

What's goin' on Soldier... Sounds like good times in the rear AO. ;)

I think I'll go ahead and add you to my blog list. You seem to have some good thoughts. :)

julie anna said...

He's worth adding to the list, Breezy. He's got a good way of writing and I know once he hits Iraq in those lovely Strykers, his blog could very well be the next Colby Buzzel's.

Breezy said...

Haha, well he's added. Julie the only way your blog could be better is if YOU WOULD JUST BLOG MORE! lol