Friday, July 21, 2006

No Surprises

It was just a reading. Punishment: unknown. Nothing is final, nothing is decided. I have two business days to talk to JAG, as if that's even necessary. I'll find out next week. The reading went just fine.

Knock knock knock.


Open the door. Walk in. Stand in front of the desk. Salute. "PFC TheUsualSuspect reporting as ordered, sir."

The paperwork is read. I'm asked if I have any questions. Of course I do. But none that can be answered, and I don't want to complicate things. I just want to do this.

Salute. About face. Exit. To be continued...


jen said...

you're being really mature about this...most people our age that i know would be mad at everyone else; blaming everyone else for what they did. i hope they don't take your stripe...i know how hard you've been working for rank. anyway, enough bs :)
love you,
ps you're blogs have gotten even better since you've quit go make me a about one depicting how cool your older sister is :]

Breezy said...

Dude... Ask your questions. Who knows if they can be answered??

Also... Use your chain of command, that's what it is there for. If you SL can't answer it then it should be pushed to the PSG. If he can't answer it then it should be pushed to the PL. And being in that position I can talk on it, but if your PL is worth half a damn he would break his neck to get you an answer. Don't just settle... Trust me. Go after what you want.