Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4, 2006

The ceremony wasn't too bad. Wore Class A's, the sun wasn't too vicious thankfully. We waited around way too long, as it always is, comes as no surprise. But just to make sure I'm painting an accurate picture of army life, I'll be sure to let you know how often we wait.

Members of the crowd would cheer for their state when each state was called for the roll call. The biggest reactions were for New York, Texas, and California. Hmm, wonder why. Cannons would fire for each state. After all the states were introduced and America as a whole was mentioned, the crowd of people went apeshit, and that was cool.

Afterwards a few of us went to Hooters. I went because I really didn't feel like ordering pizza yet again, and I hadn't eaten yet. Ask me why I ever bother going to that place, and you'll get nothing but an exasperated shrug from me. For the articles, I guess.

Not sure exactly when it was, shortly after we sat down I think, that I slowly became pissed off. Could be that its cuz I've spent yet another 4th of July without seeing my family. Last year wasn't so bad because I had just been home on leave. The barracks are pretty empty. Oh, save for two dipshits who got drunk (underage) after the ceremony and were lighting fireworks in the parking lot. CQ from another company caught them, and gasp, they have to sleep in one of the rooms on the first floor, cuz they are in trouble. Gee, little harsh don't you think? Maybe I should have done something more extreme when I was drinking underage. I would have gladly slept in an office, but hey I guess the Article 15 should work just fine. Still no clue if I'm going to lose rank over something this stupid, but who knows.

I'll have one of those dudes cover my CQ shift in the morning and afternoon while I go to my alcohol classes/meetings/whatever. Fucking ironic, huh?

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julie anna said...

That IS messed up. Sounds like typical army bullshit. My husband has thought about getting out of the army many times thanks to the bullshit. He's still debating it, actually.