Monday, July 24, 2006


This afternoon, I was to go to JAG, because apparently you do that before you get your Article 15. I don't even know what I was supposed to do while there, but ok. After lunch, I had to wait a little bit for the papers I needed so that my team leader and I could head out. When I got there, I was informed by a sign that you're supposed to be signed in by 1250. It was 1310.

I filled out some little card and sat in wait, half reading some NCO magazine. Lt Watada, the officer facing the shitstorm for refusing to deploy with 3rd Brigade (independent research he did led him to believe that the war in Iraq is illegal, and thus he refused to be part of it) was sitting in the small reception room as well. I said hello as I stood up to grab the magazine, and noticed his nametape when I sat back down. It took a second to register. Then I realized that I was waiting in line along with "the most unpopular person on Fort Lewis" as was quoted in an article. And no, I didn't bother him with questions, comments, criticism, or anything for that matter. I went back to my magazine. That guy has enough on his plate as it is. Besides, I'm pretty sure I managed to piss off an officer a few minutes later, but I'll get to that.

I hadn't waited too long when what appeared to be a Colonel (he looked young to be a Colonel, but I really didn't get a good look at his rank. Just enough to know that he is Sir and I am Joe) asked for any Article 15s waiting in line. I stood at attention and said that I was awaiting Article 15 but wasn't able to sign in yet because I was late.

"No problem. We'll see you Wednesday."

Shit. Pretty sure Wednesday is supposed to be the day I go under the gun, but ok. Who was I to argue? I left the building, preparing to call my team leader. As I stepped outside, haphazardly putting my beret on, a Captain walked up, carrying a heavy load of duffel bags and gear. So no salute necessary, but it would still be a good idea to greet.

"Good afternoon, ma'am........sir."

I then got the hell out of there. Moments like these are the reason this site has its title. I'm going to put my helmet on now, before I somehow manage to hurt myself. Apparently I need every last brain cell I can scrounge up.


Breezy said...

Heh, a very interesting day you had. Had I seen LT Watada I would have opened up a storm of hell on his ass... Us LTs can do that to one another without reprocussion. He's a damn tool. You just fucked up, it happens. He's just a fuck up, it shouldn't happen.

Well good luck dude...

membrain said...

Good luck with your Article 15. Hope you don't lose rank.