Friday, July 21, 2006

The Defendant

The guys who fell out of this morning's run all have to go on a nice long afternoon run, and its pretty hot outside, so that really sucks. They're getting it pretty harsh today.

As for me, I'm waiting to be read my Article 15. Its finally come through, and to my understanding, the actual sentencing happens next week, and this is the initial reading. Is this like when OJ Simpson's preliminary hearing went on for what, a year? My punishment won't be too bad I don't think, but still...this sucks. No matter though, I'm still going to go into that office with my dignity, take the heat I earned, and drive on. I'll let you all know all about it, when I'm dragging that ball and chain on my ankle. I'm almost positive I'll be getting 14 days restriction and 14 days of extra duty, simultaneous, and probably half a month's pay. Its the rank that I'm worried about. Definitely don't want to lose what I've earned. It isn't about the money. I earned every bit of that rank. I came in as an E1. An E3 I know got his rank by drinking with his recruiter. He's one of those dudes that can slack and sham and bullshit, and things always work out for him. Good for him though, no point getting jealous.

Next February is when I should be coming up for E4, Specialist. God I don't want that date pushed back. The thing is, since I've gotten into this trouble, I've kept my shit straight. I don't drink at all anymore. I go to my ASAP classes. I keep a positive attitude and I maintain respect for my leadership. Give me my mop and start counting the days, I'm ready for it.


Anonymous said...

Good attitude Ryan. The best way to tell the true character of a man is to watch how he reacts when he makes a mistake.
Uncle David

julie anna said...

I still agree with Uncle David. He always seems to have some good advice!

You sound like you are pretty young but you view life in a way that should get you far.

As for extra duty, I never saw my husband when he had it. At least he never lost rank. And I just love how the Army can take your money whenever they feel like it. 'How are we going to eat this month? Oh well, at least we have a roof over our head.'