Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yakima Revisited

We're heading back to the bastardly desert tomorrow, for about two and a half weeks or so. Packing a lot of gear with, as you'd expect. For now, there really isn't much to say about it, and there probably won't be any updates here while I'm gone. I'll probably pack a notebook and pen so that not everything is lost in the relief of being back.

I'm looking forward to it. Yeah, its Yakima and it kinda sucks, but its not that bad. Sort of fun. You actually feel like a soldier out there.

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Anonymous said...


Lord, what memories. I was in 9th ID in the early 80's. The St. Helens eruption covered the place with fine powdery dust that got everywhere. In the weapons, in your underwear, in your food (We had "Yakima Soba", a dish consisting of Japanese noodles and dust).

Here's how you drove in convoy: The lead vehicle kicks up a godawful huge dust cloud. If you can see the vehicle in front of you through the dust, you were too close! But if you can see to your sides, you are too far behind the dust cloud and you have to catch up. So, if you can see absolutely NOTHING through the dust, you are exactly right!