Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There's a lot of switches and buttons and controls inside the driver's seat of a stryker. Looks like the inside of a airplane's cockpit. I don't like it. We're trying to learn this monster in and out, and its a lot to take in.

The sun is back from its long vacation it seems, and the rain is gone until fall for the most part. I haven't sweat like I did today in a while. I climbed into the driver's hatch, and fumbling around with that, with a helmet on, and just sitting there in the seat, it was stifling. I was dripping sweat in no time. Guys from the Ranger Battalion were also training on some of the other Strykers. They were easily recognizable. Patrol Cap has the trademark roll in it, "Mitch" helmets (I forget the acronym, we just pronounce it mitch, its the newer helmet) painted tan like their berets, and no unit patches worn on the ACUs for whatever reason. They had all taken their ACU tops off, working in their t-shirts. We weren't allowed to do that because apparently you can't do that in Iraq.

I personally have nothing against Rangers, but it seems that all the guys that are actually IN a Ranger unit (not guys who just have the tab on their shoulder) that I've met so far, they sort of strike me as elitists. Yeah, its cool that you're hardcore and all that, but you aren't bulletproof either. Doesn't really matter, I don't work with them, and I also shouldn't generalize. I'm sure they're some pretty kickass dudes once you get to know them.

It may be a while before my potential punishment even goes through, because apparently I have to be counciled by my leadership first, then it can be processed. My leadership is busy these days. So until then, I'll just focus on learning the Stryker.

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