Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stryker Net

From the beginning of this week, we've actually been driving the Strykers. We've also been working very long hours, so I'm not going to bother making this post spectacular. Here's the skinny:

Strykers are awesome. They weigh a good 30+ tons. They don't accelerate too fast, but they handle decently, and they've got power. I managed to get one of these bad boys airborne a good three or four feet. Its been rainy lately, so rather than kicking up lots of dust, we've got wet dirt and mud puddles. Perfect to send the water from these puddles spraying around and over the vehicle, onto the instructor and another student, both sticking out of the top hatches. Granted, driving with the driver's hatch open, you're also vulnerable to getting wet. I've caught a couple mouthfuls of water.

We rigged an iPod to the comm system, so we pretty much just rock out and tool around in these bad boys. I'm exhausted and at the moment, have little else to say. More later.


Dave said...

Completely awesome.

BigD said...

I was telling people some of your Stryker stories the other day...specifically the "f*ck you sign! Get outta my way!" story. I tell everyone I want to learn to drive a Stryker and get on 95 South to Wash. DC and do some serious butt kickin' to all those horrible drivers on that road!