Friday, May 05, 2006

EIB Uptraining Continued

Another long day at the EIB site. I got out of a few of those last week, seeing as I got sick, and was lucky enough to be put on quarters, which means you sit in your room and don't do anything. Take medicine, sleep, watch TV, sell nuclear secrets to China, things like that. Now we're out there again, fifteen hour days, and will be going out tomorrow and Sunday as well, but hopefully not as long.

Monday is the beginning of the testing. We'll see how it goes, but please, no comments wishing me luck or wishing me well or anything like that. 95% odds that this is a learning experience, and I'll have to give it another shot next time around.

We got our bi-monthly motivational speech, which is always well delivered. Always mentioned are the words "not if but WHEN we deploy" (I'll be sure to bring sunscreen). I'm convinced that one requirement to be a 1st Sergeant is a very strange personality. Some very bizarre and really funny things come out of that man's mouth, and the sad thing is that its usually so abstract and original that I can never remember what his impromptu sayings are, only that they were completely out of left field. He's also an awesome 1SGT and is pretty good at getting us pumped, and usually offers a lot of good advice (earning a Ranger tab opens lots of doors of opportunity for those staying in the army, investing is smart, blah blah)

And if this thing ever blows up and finds familiar eyes, maybe he'll see my honest and humble musings and not completely destroy me.

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