Sunday, May 07, 2006

Almost Over

All this training at the EIB site, reminds me of an episode of South Park. The kids are playing little league baseball, and are trying to lose so the season will end and they won't have to play anymore. All the other little league teams are doing the same thing, trying to lose, which becomes its own competition. Here, a lot of us just want to get to testing and hurry up and get our No-Go so we don't have to do this shit anymore.

This is great and all for the gung ho, high speed guys, but for the rest of us, its pretty much a suckfest. When you have to keep on training for something you know you aren't going to get, it tends to dampen your mood a little. Testing starts tomorrow, and probably won't last long.

I've never been this excited to fail something.


Anonymous said...

Do your best, knucklehead.

Uncle Paul

I had a boss with cool sayings. Fortunately he said them in staff meetings and I kept track in my notebook. Some of his better ones were as follows:

"You can lead a horse to water, but you have to create an immense low pressure system at its ass to get it to drink."

"This is going to go over like a pregnant pole valter."

"They've handed us a burning bag of shit."

Take care, be safe.

julie anna said...

LOL, Hope you get a No-Go ASAP!

BigD said...

Hey Suspect,
Well as I am reading your blog from start to finish, I get to now wager on the outcome of all this EIB training. Where is the confident, 11 Charlie mortarman I know? Funny how being in a war zone makes all this stuff seem like "a burning bag of shit." Anyway, I think you are way to modest and I putting all my chips on you to pass this EIB test with flying colors...reading on to see if my poker instincts are good!