Monday, April 03, 2006

Rifle Qualification

So far as I know, there isn't REALLY a nightfire tonight. God I hope not. My feet still hurt, and I just realized that my asscheeks are chapped. I had forgotten how bad that sucks, which isn't THAT bad, but there's still the fact that your ass is chapped, and that can never be fun.

On to the meat of this update in the Quest For The Holy EIB. We joined another company for some fun on the rifle range. Nothing too special, really. I rezeroed my rifle (to a point, I'm still not positive its dead on, but whatever) and then stood in line to qualify. They gave us four 20 rounds mags each. When you qualify, you fire 20 rounds in the prone (or foxhole) supported position (you have a sandbag to rest your rifle on) and the other 20 in the prone UNsupported.

After a good four attempts, I finally managed to shoot expert. At that point, I was sick of shooting and figured I'd have to come back a later day and try again. So when the first target popped up, I put the red dot from my sight on it and squeezed the trigger, acting like the helicopter gunner from Full Metal Jacket, capitalizing on the infamous quote, "Get some!"

Figures, I stop caring, the targets uproot themselves and RUN to catch my bullets. So as of now, I'm still in it for the EIB. Tomorrow is Land Navigation, and we DO have to do a night course as well, so it'll be a late night. Yay for that.

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