Monday, April 24, 2006


The sizzling sound of one young male's brain as it struggles to form words on the computer remind the male of that old anti-drug commercial with the egg and the frying pan. The sleep deprivation isn't that bad, to be honest. Nothing to really complain about. We hit up more stations today, started at the same early hour, and remained out there until after the chow hall was closed (unless it stayed open late for us?). As always, some stations are insultingly easy, and others...give you a healthy push down the road of accepting the blank space on your uniform where an EIB should go.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this particular award, let me shed a minute amount of light on it. The actual badge worn on the Class A uniform has a blue background, because blue is the infantry color. A long rifle adorns the foreground. The BDU version is a green patch with the same rifle. The ACUs now have a metallic black pin on-badge. That's how you spot someone who is more badass than you, and has the testicular fortitude of Terry Tate.

9mm handgun: easy. NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical): Not so easy. I'm sure that someone out there with their EIB will read this and laugh, which is technically their right. Well I say that its hard, because it is. You have nine seconds to take your helmet off, put it on the barrel of your rifle, open your gasmask carrying bag, put that bad boy on, cinch it down, and clear it. That sort of thing takes a lot of work and muscle memory. Then there is all the questions you have to answer, etc etc. NBC, grenades, and M240B machine gun are so far the most likely killer of EIB candidates.

I actually fired a .50 cal for the first time today, even though it was with blanks. Though I would only be firing off four rounds, I wasn't completely stupid, and I stuffed my earplugs in. The 240Bravo had my ears ringing yesterday.

Another odd thing about all of this, is that you have to do all of these tasks by the book, and not in any practical, real world way. Once again, its difficult to throw a decent post out there, because I feel about as slow and sluggish as nearly frozen molasses. Its time for a quick shower, and then deep comatose sleep.


Anonymous said...

And keep us updated!

Cathy B

julie anna said...

I remember when my husband went through all that. I RARELY saw him. But he got that EIB (actually he got true blue by a split second, but the Mo Fo that timed him lied and at the time he was a private, so what could he do?) Good Luck getting that EIB and keep up the great posts!