Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EIB A La Unrelentum

Guess what we're doing? I'll give you a hint. It involves spending all our time training up for EIB. Calling for fire (a mortarman calling for fire...that's funny), grenades, bunch of different weapons, both operating them, correcting malfunctions, and assembling/disassembling them, to name a few.

Basically, a whole bunch of crap. You probably won't get any good or interesting news for a while. Oh, and if anyone would care to write and let me know how college would have been, that'd be great. ;)


Anonymous said...

Want to know how college is?? One word for ya: BUSY.


I'll talk to you as soon as the migraine subsides =)


Anonymous said...

College is nice, a lot of work. But it is people like you who serve for our country that make it possible for me and many others to live the lifes that we do. Thank You!

Jen said...

College is great. Nothing like coming home for Christmas vacation with a beer gut for your brother to make fun of. ;) I wish I would've least then I wouldn't be paying back stupid loans now but hey, we can't all be winners. At least you'll have $$ when you do go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rian its Dan, just getting on here to say i love you and you better quit bitching about everything and leave some room for the REST Of us to bitch cuz i just dont feel like im getting in my fair share of the bitch meter. but anyway i love ya, call me bitch to me i'll listen if you need me to and who knows mabey me and sean will drive to WA and see ya this summer if you promise to play nice with the other kiddies... and by that i mean DESTROY them in every feble attempt they make to be kickass like you.

BigD said...

1. Figuring out what you wanna do, making a plan and sticking to it so you don't spend any more than the required four years, depending on your major. (I swear there is a conspiracy to keep students there longer to get more $$$$)
2. STUDYING a lot! Going to class!
3. READING and WRITING a lot of papers
4. Living with a potentially funky butt roommate ( I guess you will already have the hang of that)
5. Unless you are commuting, then you have to deal with parking issues and parking tickets.
6. Dealing with college professors who may or may not be very good.
7. Paying a small ass fortune for books.
8. Wondering what the hell you thought was so great about college.
9. Graduating - yeah!
10. Finding a "real" job in the crazy f*cked up world and working it.
1. Picking a dumb major that you never intend to finish, thereby wasting everyone's time and money, mostly yours.
2. LOTS of drinking and debauchery
3. Wearing wigs and painting your chest with the name of the school mascot, attending lots of (insert sport here) games
4. MORE drinking and debauchery
5. Keeping your room like a pigstye
6. Never buying the books for class, or never opening them
7. Failing a lot of classes and wondering why
8. Spending eight years trying to find out who you are and tens of thousands of dollars later not giving a good rat's ass.
9. Oversleeping every morning and skipping classes = not graduating because you are one credit short
10. Dropping out before you graduate :(

I hope you will be going to real college, but, just remember real college ain't no picnic! Hope to get a graduation announcement in 2012 or so! I have faith in you!

Based on my own experiences putting myself, my husband and my two kids through college. Peace