Thursday, April 20, 2006

Calmly and Quickly!

Once again, we're doing EIB training. I messed with a .50 cal machine gun, as in attaching a barrel and setting the 'headspace and timing', which basically means making sure the barrel and the pieces it works with are the proper distances apart, etc, so that the weapon system would operate correctly. Loads of fun. Then I went to the only other station that was set up, the call for fire station.

That's basically what the forward observers do to get the information that we mortar fellows need. Interesting look at the other side of the coin. That one was simple enough, so I ran through it a couple of times. Beyond that, my friends and I pretty much stood and sat around and felt sorry for ourselves for having to do this, and we also made fun of each other, which we do a lot. I just bought my ACUs (Army Combat Uniform - -), which the army is slowly transitioning to use as its official uniform. When we were in basic training, the Army Chief of Staff, General Schoomaker, came out to our MOUT training because he was also going to attend the Best Ranger competition. He was wearing ACUs, and at the time, they were pretty rare. You'd only see high ranking personnel wearing them. So we've got a running joke that if you're wearing ACUs, you have way more clout than someone equal in rank to you who is wearing BDUs. We're losers like that.

As we were walking back to our barracks, we noticed a bunch of people standing outside of a building, and there were MPs all around, and one of them ran across the street to where we were and told us that we couldn't come through that way, and that we needed to calmly and quickly walk the other way and go around. Naturally we scoffed at him, but did as we were told, running our mouths the entire time. We assumed it was a bomb threat or something like that, which would make perfect sense, because everyone was standing right NEXT to the building in question. That's all I know for now, and odds are, it'll be nothing. There's your update, not a lot going on. We'll be working part of the weekends for a couple weeks, which is lame, but what can you do? I ordered an Xbox 360 online that should be here in a couple days, and with that, I intend to kill all monotony and boredom, whilst off duty.

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