Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Moron Surfaces Again

We had our squadron ball last night, which I honestly couldn't have cared less about, but still decided to go just for the sake of going, seeing as it seemed a good weekend to NOT drink for once. So I opt to get all dolled up in my Class A monkey suit, convincing myself that the food just may be decent. Once arriving at the parking lot with a friend, it dawned on me that I was the only one wearing traditional Class A's.

Everyone else had substituted the light green collar shirt for a white one, and a bowtie instead of the necktie. Great. I decided to just wait in my friends car instead of making an embarassment of my platoon. Freezing inside the little Intrepid, for a brief moment, I cursed my parents for feeling frisky that night some two decades ago.

My fellow Americans, I am an idiot.


Jen said...

Who cares what you're wearing, Doughboy, you should've gone in anyway. No one cares if you don't (trust me, I've been there too ;) Maybe it's different in the military, who knows.
And if you'd never been born, who would I have picked on all those years?? ;) Hope the rest of your week goes better...

Anonymous said...

Jeez, we've ALL done that! Worse, Paul has done that SEVERAL times, but he's just nuts enough to go in anyway. One time he was in Mess Dress and everyone else was in Class A's. He joked it off by saying he was the "bus driver." Now, some 12 years later, he was in a briefing and the briefer remembered him... Yup, he introduced Paul as the bus driver and told the story. I guess that's what makes us memorable. :)
Next time, go in anyway and tell everyone else they're out of uniform. ;)
Take care,

BigD said... were you supposed to know the dress code? I would love to see a picture of you "all dolled up in your Class A monkey suit." I am sure you looked just fine! I have the worst fashion sense in the world and everybody lets me know it. I hate going anywhere that involves "dolling up" of any kind. Give me sweats and T-shirts any day...comfortable rules and to hell with all those other fashion police types.