Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Garbage Men

I spent today tasked out to another platoon. Our mission: to pick up trash littered throughout post. We rode in a van, and picked up trash. Simply amazing. Exactly what I envisioned myself doing as I sat in the recruiter's office. No ordinary American could understand the prestige, honor, and sheer adrenaline rush that one experiences while picking up an empty pack of Marlboros which has been run over several hundred times.

Oh, and we also found a purple vibrator. Thinking of running an ad in the paper under "Found".


Anonymous said...

Wait... how big was it?

j/k ;)

Jen said...

Ewww!! I hope you guys threw it away (I can only imagine all the ideas for a 'gag' gift that went through your guys' minds!!

BigD said...

Wow...that is the military for you. Do it because we say so...did you have to clean the bathrooms with toothbrushes too? Isn't that what prisoner details do? Oh well, I don't think you have been doin' must trash detail in Iraq!!!