Friday, February 10, 2006

Funeral Detail

For the past two days, myself and a few others from our platoon have been uptraining for a funeral detail. As far as I know, there is no scheduled funerals, but if one comes up in the next two weeks, we're on call to do our part in the ceremony.

I'm part of the rifle team, you know, the guys in Class A's that fire the three shot volley? Yeah, that's me. The training is very repetitive, and we shoot blanks without the adapters on the end of our barrels, so after each shot we have to manually chamber another. Another issue:

You see, I'm a tall scrawny bastard. We don't have M16s, we have M4s, which are shorter. So standing at attention or parade rest with an M4 is nearly impossible for me. I have to bend my knees slightly and VERY slowly move my hand up on the barrel until the buttstock rests on the ground. I'm so terribly awkward, its almost amusing. The hell with Jarhead, watch me in action.

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jon said...

ha ha...welcome to my world...they have this gay little three week program here called R.O.P.E. (no idea what it stands for) that teaches you the way the old guard does's all way different...even our guidon is done super flashy in's actually funny how much they supe it up over what the regular army does...anyways...we use m-14 rifles for the ceremonies so it is easier for tall people but they do weigh a couple pounds bad i'll never use one of those in a ceremony because i'm in the gunsplatoon...anyways...welcome to my gay little army world again