Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Subjectless Ramble

I don't foresee a very interesting week, though I've been wrong before. We didn't do a lot yesterday. Messed around in the motor pool for a bit, but there wasn't much for us to do on that particular day, so we ended up taking care of some paperwork for our buddies, or something. Who knows. I just know that I filled out a lot of forms. Why? I don't know, who cares? Its easy. It requires hardly any brainpower, not at all physically demanding, and its only for a little bit. Sweet.

As I was showering a few minutes ago, I came upon an amazing revelation. I realized that PT is the emotional outlet that all leaders have come to put in full effect. Our platoon leader, for example, who is a very mellow and cool guy, felt it necessary to run us into the ground this morning. I didn't bother to eat chow afterwards, because greasy breakfast food doesn't sit well with my stomach after a heavy workout. Poor little me. I won't bore you with the details of the run, just know that it wasn't the distance, which was the same as our average run distance, but the sporadic intensity of it. Today is one PT session that serves as an example to justify why I feel that our leaders harbor secret hatred for us.

Strangely enough, I feel good, but maybe I shouldn't say anything to anyone about that. Could be catastrophic. My apologies for the worthless post, but I figure anyone who actually enjoys reading my Oddyssey, well, they deserve atleast something. I'll keep you posted on any more misadventures.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts. :)

Mike joined the ARmy today. He signed up for artillary and ships out to Fort Sill on Feb 8th. Paul will swear him in. We'll send pics.


Anonymous said...

Hey its kind of funny, hey its kind of sad that a bunch of high school nancies whined the ENTIRE time we had to jog for 30 minutes. The entire duration of the "excersize" I felt a certain dogtag bounce between my chest, and for one moment, smiled a humbled little smile and picked up the pace a little bit. All I can say is, whenever you find yourself sweating more moisture out of you then you had taken in, remember that I can eat 3,000 chicken wings and have to be moved with a crane because I NEVER have to enter any type of physical enviroment EVER again. Just thought you should know.
_Richard Dreyfuss