Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Spirit Is Dry Heaving

Morning everyone! Been up since 0200, O-Dark-thirty in curmudgeon time. About to go on a 12 mile roadmarch in the cold. My sweat is going to freeze to my body, and I'm going to be fussier than any infant with the worst case of diaper rash. Its going to be awesome.

Right now, I'm wishing I had bought one of those damnable iPods to sneak along with me, because music would help a LOT. Instead, all I'll have is my mental music player, and all the random abstract thoughts that flow like molasses when you do things like roadmarch. At one point, I thought I had testicles, but I think they're trying to become ovaries, what with the cold and the anxiety about this wonderful endeavor we're about to undertake. I'm way too chipper at this hour.

Whenever I quasi-recover, I'll endow my beloved readers with a healthy slice of pseudo-comedic self pity, and all shall be great and wonderful in the world of The Enlisted New Guy. Atleast I'm not stationed in Alaska or Fort Drum, NY.

Happy trails, see you neat fellers on the other side. =)

Oh, and also, Git R Dun.

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