Friday, November 04, 2005

I Really AM Turning Japanese

Just came back from hanging with the Japanese soldiers. Those people are completely.....AWESOME. I wish I was still there, chilling out. They had a few skits, some kendo fighting in armor, a weakest link Japanese style, and two AMAZING drummers. I filmed a decent deal of it, and I'll try to upload some, or atleast some pictures. Again, this was awesome. I am at a loss for eloquent words. I'm pretty much dumbfounded.

The Japanese seem to think we are the bomb diggety and then some. They were always like, "Gift! Gift!" We were exchanging everything we had. I gave away the unit crest from my beret, next went my unit patch on my right shoulder sleeve, then next to go was my American flag. They were digging that. I also gave one dude my U.S. Army tape that goes across my left chest above the pocket. I still have my name and my rank on my BDUs, I was trying to give away the rank, but they were cool. I think they saw how sterile my uniform was becoming. I scored a Tshirt, a cigarette case, a little card that had a tank on it, several rank pins, a unit crest. It was fucking AWESOME.

And now my roommate wants to go, so we are going back there. My platoon sergeant cut us off, while we're just buzzing. The Japanese see you without a beer, and they say, "Ohhh!!! Beer! Beer!" They love to hook you up. I'll tell you all more later.

Much love,
Private Ryan

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themorethingschange... said...

Presentos. Yeah. I've experienced
that too. A little bit of my time to tour a group thru my workplace and they gave me a T-shirt, a hand-held electronic thingie I still use but can't think of the word for at the moment, and what looked like hand-made paper stationery in a fabric folder.

This isn't the first time you've mentioned Japan. If there was already a germ of interest on your part in Japan and its people this experience set the fascination on fire.

No wonder you went there on R&R!