Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How To Lose All Your Water Weight

I believe I've touched on roadmarches before. This morning, we went for a lovely 8 mile stroll to break our new rucks in. It wasn't too bad, so I suppose we're becoming very accustomed to them. Not enough, as I still managed to form blisters on my feet, but also not all that bad really. It rained the way it always does here at Lewis. A mild but ever present drizzle.

"Dude, rain sucks, man, its all like....depressing and wet and stuff."

Totally. But it was also nice at the same time. Sure, water adds weight, but when you take your soft cap off and orient your face towards the sky, rain will rinse some of the sweat off of your face and out of your eyes. And when one roadmarches, one sweats for a prolongued period of time, and the sweat will also dry. So you'll have trails of clearly visible salt on your face. I've also seen this on uniforms, especially around the borders of the body armor. Replenish your electrolytes, I guess.

Once we returned, a little bit on the fatigued side, it was decided that we would enjoy a 30 to 45 minute smoke session, I mean "motivational PT" session. Be loud for the hell of it, to rub this minor and insignificant accomplishment in the face of members of the other platoons who weren't doing anything. Right, because I'm sure they were jealous... Either way, to NOT sound off and make plenty of noise, that means that you, as a platoon would simply LOVE more strenuous and lengthy exercise.

After it was finished, one of my buddies said that it was exactly like PRC (Pre-Ranger Course). Sounds intensive. And for the record, its really hard to do pushups with the feet of the man in front of you resting on your shoulders while your feet rest on someone else's.

After lunch we played basketball, and that also makes you sweat. So I sweat a lot today. And THAT is how to lose waterweight, ladies and gentlemen. Sure you could sit in the sauna, but how is THAT fun?

Any questions?


toy soldier said...

after my 12 mile road march for eib my lovely mdw and honor guard scroll on my left shoulder were white...totally white...but who needs electrolytes IN your body...just store them on the outside. So i proceded to eat two packets of (insert fruit)flavored drink mix without adding said water...then a whole mre...then a drive to subway and a 12 incher...i felt somewhat normal after that....HOOOAAH (sarcasm not legible in type)

Anonymous said...

You are alright!! you always have an up to everything in life. You are so refreshing. Thanks!
I love the pictures that you've posted. Sounds like you had a good time! That's great!