Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Is Good

First off, to Tracey L. O'Very, uh, yeah, you can use my posts on your site if you want as long as you credit them, that's cool. As for the picture, its just a screenshot from the move Full Metal Jacket. I just pulled it off the internet somewhere. Oh, and my name isn't really Hajji. Its Ryan. The word "Hajji" refers to anyone of the Islam faith who has completed their pilgrimage to Mecca. With us, the word "Hajji" refers to either all Iraqis or just the insurgents, I'm not too sure. I believe its been used in both context. It works the same way as the way we refer to ourselves, namely the low ranking nobody useful idiots, as "Joes", as in G.I. Joes. I played Hajji for an afternoon, but not the type that went to Mecca. Just to clarify.

Everybody has a freaking myspace. Everyone. What the hell? I created an account so I could view a friend's, and now my roommate is spazzing out and saying that we should create our own myspaces. The dude from that Laguna Beach tv show has one, and so does Tool's guitarist. THAT is saying something. This must be the beginning of the end.

Today we enjoyed the throwing of very nastily concocted pies in the faces of members of the troop to raise money for the family readiness group. I also donated money to the Red Cross, which for the first time in its history, has had to take out a loan. You, too, should donate atleast a couple bucks, some minute and useless amount of money that you'd normally spend on junk food and lattes anyway. This way, when your world turns to dogshit, god(s) forbid, they can help you out too. That, or you can spend your money to buy the first billion seasons of Survivor on DVD, so that the executives who produce it can continue to snort cocaine off of the asses of high priced hookers. Whichever works for you.

Later on tonight, myself and a few other members of my platoon, among more selected members of our company, are going to some get-together with Japanese soldiers that are visiting. I'll bring my Digital Camcorder of Ultimate Asskickery, and maybe even upload a few photos for all of you awesome people. Its Friday and I'm hoping to get my hands on some Saki, as I've never tried it, but prospects of that look grim, as my platoon sergeant will be there, and will likely say "Nay". Sadly, I am but the tender age of twenty. Two decades of existence on this fabulous planet are not enough to empart the necessary wisdom to legally allow me to drink. Luckily, if one so inclined as myself were to cross the mystical border of Canada, the curse would be lifted, and so would my spirits, with some good brews and laughter, and good times will be had by all. I still haven't gotten around to doing that, either. I'm slacking.

Alas, Cinderella must get ready for the ball. Necessary steps include selling out and creating a myspace. I'm sure I'll die a little more inside because of it.

Abraham Lincoln

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Tracey O ditz said...

Hi Ryan, I'm very sorry about that! It's very nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me post things there. I'll be sure to include this site no worries and your name That's guaranteed! Thank you. We all want you to know how much we love you and appreciate you and would like to tell you so too. Thank you!
I've brought along something that I wrote for and because of you. Thank you again for everything You enjoy your night and saki!! (c ;)
My ever-lasting love and gratitude, Tracey42xoox(c :)

~~Unknown Not Ever Unknown~~

He is an unknown soldier.
Unknown to you and me.
We know not much about him or his life.
We know he marched off, filled with pride.
We know he served bravely for you and me.
He protected our freedom, protected our lives.
He gave his heart, he gave his love for you and me.
He is an unknown soldier.
Unknown to you and me.

He is an unknown soldier.
Unknown to you and me.
They know all about him and his life.
They watched him march off, filled with pride.
They know he served bravely for you and me.
They gave him their heart, they gave him their love.
Unknown not ever unknown to all.
He is an unknown soldier.
Unknown to you and me.

To all the unknown soldiers, their families and their friends,
We stand with our pride-filled hearts, and give our love to you.
And thank you,
For protecting our freedom and protecting our lives.


Tracey L. O' Very 4/11/05 Copyright 2005 All rights reserved