Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Some images from the dinner ceremony thing with the awesome Japanese army. They are just straight up, the bomb dizzegety. H to the izzle.

Kendo fighters.
In action. Beats the hell out of our pugil stick fighting.
2 awesome drummers from the Japanese army, stationed at Mt Fuji (i believe)


Dave said...

Just dropping you a quick note to say I enjoyed your blog. I even wrote a little about it in mine today if you want to check it out. Hopefully you won't be too terribly offended. :)

I'll keep checking back. Best of luck to you...

Ta'Nish said...

So you got to try the saki... and how was the saki? I wonder which kind you got? It would be very interesting if they had habu-saki with them, that will mess you up.

Jen said...

It's weird reading what someone else read about you :) but I just wanted to say that it's really cool that you're letting people see what military life is really like [at least through your POV] so they can know more than what they're spoon-fed through the media. (And I can still be your nosy sister and know what you're up to (: )

Marie said...

The Japanese are a very polite and rule oriented society. They are steeped in the rituals of their country but with the latest in technology. They love to exchange gifts so be prepared. It doesn't have to be much it's the thought that counts. I hated leaving Japan. Enjoy.

Thanks for your service......it's much appreciated.

PS: don't visit my blog I'm anti preemptive war........you may not like what I write and who I know.