Monday, October 24, 2005

Vicious Cycle

Today is just another day, just like the one before and the one that will come after it. After a while, the wonders of the army are replaced with something more mundane. Getting out of bed is a compromise again.

And you, my sacred pillow with my sacred sheets,
Leave of you must I take
To drag myself through another day,
and despise every moment I'm awake.

This just becomes the new daily grind. Once you get outside and downstairs, you begin to make more compromises. The wise don't weight the pros and cons. Instead they just do what they're supposed to, possibly grumble to themselves a little, and are thankful for their downtime. Life is fun when you take a position of cynical optimism. And no, that isn't an oxymoron. To anyone interested, I invited you to research the origin of the cynical way of thinking and what really defines it. Here's a hint: Jesus could be considered a cynic.

Things around here are fine, same old really. Found out something that I consider to be bad news, but this I know for sure I can't say because it violates OPSEC in some minute way. No, nothing major either. Once again, its just something that wouldn't seem even remotely special to anyone reading, but it does grind my gears.

Here's basically what the deal is. Our [OPSEC] won't be [OPSEC] with [OPSEC], instead [OPSEC OPSEC OPSEC] with [OPSEC] which I am not even remotely pleased about. Even worse, our [OPSEC] is [OPSEC] by [OPSEC], which is probably the dumbest idea I've ever heard of, even worse than the first issue.

Another compromise: when you realize just HOW full of shit the commercials are, and you just accept it and move on. In most of these compromises, you don't actually gain anything. By compromising, you don't lose more. Then again, that's how most facets of life are. The army itself (the intangible army, the spirit of it) seems to be a direct reflection of life in general, only its messages and lessons are in bold italic ALL CAPS BROKEN DOWN TO THE SIMPLEST LEVEL, PLAIN AS DAY IN LAYMAN'S TERMS.

Each day is a compromise, but the rewards are rarely handed to you. Seems you've got to grab ahold of them yourself. As for me, covered in mud from PT, I'll consider the shower I'm about to take as one of the small rewards of the day. By now, one should be open.


membrain said...

Well now you've got me speculating on the bad news. My guess is you're being posted to Korea!?!

Time will tell, unless you (OPSEC) the (OPSEC) (OPSEC)in the (OPSEC)!!

By the way you made the list of Milblogs at Iraq Files, a web site started by Sgt Steven Kiel and his wife Caroline.

themorethingschange... said...

"... the rewards are rarely handed to you..."

Yup. Your MySpace profile is right, you're 100 years old .. or you were listening to your Dad in spite of your affectation of teenage indifference/angst.