Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Thought

One really cool thing about the army is that you meet dudes of all walks of life. People you'd never of your best friends. And people you'd never expect will occasionally surprise you with something you've both got in common.

I was coming back from the latrine, scrubbing my face so as to retain my boyish good looks, and I hate left my door open with my craptop playing music. A guy from a different platoon walked by and said, "Oh, listening to the Mars Volta huh?"

Damn, no one I know has heard of them. I was a bit surprised, but quite delighted. I was halfway through saying that I saw them in concert with A Perfect Circle, when I realized we were both saying the same thing in unison. So we ended up bullshitting about them and Tool concerts for a few minutes. Neat fella.

We both concluded that we'll likely be in the field or deployed when Tool finally releases their album and tours around here. Such is army life.

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