Monday, October 10, 2005

Rallos Zek Cons Green To Me

I've begun reading a book that doesn't suck, the way this blog DOES suck. You will now click on the link that reads "My War", and find that there is indeed a book called by a similar title, and then you're going to go read it. If you don't, you forfeit your right to inform me exactly how badly my shitblog sucks, and how every time you happen across it, you are strongly urged to scoop your eyes out of their sockets and hang them on your rear view mirror like fuzzy dice and then careen your car across several lanes of traffic, taking out any and all billboards you can before getting into a cataclysmic wreck and spending the next 90 days in a coma, to which you will wake up, take note of the fact that you have a catheter now, and can once again reminisce on how bad I suck.

Or you could just read the fucking book because I like it and my word is god.

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