Friday, October 14, 2005

The OPSEC Monster

Well, as I figured, the time came. We, as a troop, were all herded into one room to receive yet another briefing. The subject: OPSEC (Operational Security, protecting confidential information or any knowledge, etc that could jeopardize soldiers through the exposure of patterns, tactics, equipment, weaknesses, etc).

Our troop commander made a brief mention of milblogs, a word he seemed unfamiliar with, and I knew from there that things will be a bit more sensative for me now, though with good reason. There are people that provide enough information about themselves online that a few Google searches can provide all the intelligence needed to cause them harm in one way or another. Milblogs have of course come to the forefront in discussions about OPSEC.

Thanks, Buzzell. =P

I really don't know how much I should restrain this blog, but I'm also not going to ask, because I don't want the attention. I'd prefer to remain anonymous to all except the few back home who know about this, other than them, I'd just like to be a shapeless entity. Either way, its going to be difficult to continue this AND keep it interesting, especially given the fact that the unit I'm with, which I won't name in hopes that I haven't already, is becoming more and more proficient at a quickening pace [I'd like to describe vague events coming up, but that may not be a good idea]. Fear is the perfect tool of control. Twisted religious leaders in the past have used fear to control their people. A perfect example is witch hunts. In this day, we have terrorist hunts. Granted, the "witches" of Salem weren't beheading people.

I'll continue to do my best with this crappy ass site, but I may have to take a little time to figure out how I'll need to go about it. Thanks, and bear with me.

Morgan Freeman


remmaps said...

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TheUsualSuspect said...

What the fuck is this? Oh its on motherfucker, if these are blog links or something like that, solicited completely out of context, without even the cordial conversational foreplay to make it ok, then its on. We can play fuck-fuck, motherfucker. I'm gonna catch this guy the same way my roommate and I used to mess with each other, send a link over AIM messenger that's actually just a shemale porn picture.

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"Yeah, actually she kinda is."

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"OH MY FUCKING GOD! You're a dick dude."

"You're just mad because hers is bigger than yours."

CBFTW said...

sorry bro, my bad.

TheUsualSuspect said...

its fine dude, i was only teasing. vin diesel says he can't wait to audition for the role of CB in my upcoming film, My War on Ice. I'm trying to get Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance to play Jello Biafra. Sacriligious enough?

mickey said...

just dont talk about unit readiness, equipment and your training schedule. "OPSEC its everybodies job" This has been a public service anoucment from AFN