Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Well, some things are new, many aren't. We've got a certain something going on, and that's probably the most I should say. Yes, this hush hush horseshit pisses me off, and I hope I'm just taking it too far. Either way, what COULD be a quasi interesting post, that would really be one more tiny grain of spice to season my altogether bland military career, is now just a question mark. Behold the mystery. I'll let your imagination run wild, because I'm sure that anything you'd come up with would be infinitely better than the sad truth.

And something else will get new too. Oh well. I'll obscure even mundane details. We love you, OPSEC.

In unclassified news, we played basketball for our second PT session of the day.

" *GASP* Really?! Holy cow crap, Ryan! That is soooo awesome!"

Yes, I know. This is pretty depressing for me actually. I started this site with the intentions of not only keeping a type of journal for myself to look back on, but also to let my friends know what was going on in my neck of Planet Shit, and maybe even provide a decent resource of information for any young whipper snapper considering joining the army. Whatever.

Anyway, something slightly interesting is going on that we're helping out with. By helping out, thus far I mean that members of my platoon set up a couple of tents, and then found some odd (training) site, which was just concrete tunnels that were all interconnected. Reminded me of Mario Brothers.

So we did what any respectable and grown up representatives of the United States would do. We ran in there and crouch-walked through the dark tunnels like little kids while I hummed the theme that plays in the underground levels of Mario, which echoed very well, and that pleased me.

And in today's news, my M4 is clean.

When you join the army, your life as you know it changes, a lot. That shouldn't come as such a revelation, but the magnitude of it tends to creep up on you. Four years, living almost a completely different life. And when its all over, I'm just supposed to pick my old one up?

You don't jumpstart or "accelerate your life" like those cute recruiter's pamphlets say. You completely change it, or put it on hold, or something like that. That's not completely a bad thing either, but when you're just laying there, smoking a cigarette and letting your mind wander, the badass patrol boy, Officer Reality, tends to sneak up on you.

Good luck keeping in contact with everyone that you're so sure you will. It isnt easy. You try, but there's a natural current working against you. People get busy, and things happen. That's why I look at the new soldiers I came in with, the ones who are/were in relationships. They last like paper dolls in the rain.

One thing is that you know that when its all said and done, your family will still be there. As for most friends, well, the way it seems now, its just best to hope you took plenty of pictures along the way. Keep a song on your mp3 player that reminds you of them. Enjoy what you had, and drive on. That's life.

Its already bizarre to know that my younger brothers are growing up without me. My sister is getting married. My younger brother is already a much better author than I ever was or will be, and already has more schooling in film. I suppose this is what a father feels like when his son beats him at something for the first time. You'd think I'd be jealous, but I'm not. I think its fucking awesome. I also hear bits and pieces about the even younger ones, and I'm sure my mind will be blown if and when I go home for the holidays. And more so in the next couple years. Here is the part where I guilt trip myself for not calling them more often, or not having my phone with me when my sister calls (Sorry Jentard).

Instead, I'm removed from my family, only hearing things second hand, not experiencing them myself. I never imagined how bad that would suck. It must take some adjusting, coming back out of the military. Luckily, I've still got three and a half freaking years before I have to worry about that.

And that's...the REST OF THE STORY.

Signing off,

Ben Affleck


JenTard :) said...

Hey Doughboy...
The part where you talk about friends and family: I just wanted to say that life's weird...you'll run into some people in the last place you expected to see them. But you're right, everything changes, which sucks, but in the end is good too. I sent your birthday present today, which SHOULD be there by Friday. I'm working on something else for you, but I'm not quite done yet. Anyway, I'll talk to you later.
Love, Your favorite sister

TheUsualSuspect said...

Dont worry, army mail is good at screwing up. But you can tell me all about it after it doesnt come for two weeks.