Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Things are completely normal here. Apparently there will be some refugees coming to live on part of this base.

We're just training as normal.

Nothing has changed.

We now have tentative dates for Christmas leave. I've been here almost three months now. Wow.

I'm considering just closing this blog down. No one really reads it. Now and then I get a comment or two. This is all just failed personal journalism. I could be wasting my time in other ways. I don't know.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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TheUsualSuspect said...

K, so when one mentions the thought of closing a blog down, magically in 20 minutes, they receive two comments, both of which contain links to some company, huh?

Once again, everything can have a dollar sign stapled to it...

membrain said...

Rian, I think you should definitely keep this blog going. In days ahead you'll be glad you did. I would normally check in with your blog daily when I can. I've been off sick the last 2weeks.

I think your efforts to help the victims of Katrina are commendable.

You have the makings of a fine soldier and in the months ahead you are going to be part of operations that will change history. You're writing style is fine too. Especially compared to blogs like mine which I only started so I could post comments at blogs like yours.

Keep up the good work. Hint: You'd probably get a lot more readers if you linked to sites like Blackfive and other Milblogs. Have a look at this site to see the potential for you:

Boots is going home soon. You''ll be taking his place in coming months.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Did you know that I read this blog every couple of days? You probably didn't, cuz I'm always too lazy to reply (yeah...I suxorz i know) but I do. We miss having you around to b.s. and rant so we get our fix here...

And look at this!! A genuine comment without a link attached!! Gee, I should be a trendy one and follow in their about ?

Gee, look at that, now I must be cool.

-Chazam WonderTwin #2 (sham)

p.s. CALL US!

Anonymous said...

OMFG you all suck you god damn little pasting gay addresses in my cherub's emo blog. you should all be shot in the head and ill make your mamma pay for the fucking bullet... uhh Rian i love you go suck a tailpipe or Ohh look a fetus whatever you the docile americans need to hopefully gank yourselves earlier than i can conviently come kill you... my spelling sucks deal with it... and its "sucks" not "suxorz" or however you cockfags do that "unique" shit, just kidding dont go cry emo shit to me, Rian you still owe me and your deadline is comming up so i figured i'd let you know over this little disaster of internet... uhh yeah im bored and gonna go find something to do or mabey sleep... Have fun with all the fuckfag liberals.

mickey said...

no dollar sign on this one rian, i just read your blog for 2 hours on staff duty and even started my own, who cares if noby reads it, even if only one person reads it thats still one more person that knows something about you, no what im saying.

mickey said...

no link attached here, god blog dont shut down i read it on staff duty brought back some memeroies.
take it easy take care them feet and remeber steady position, breath control, sight picture trigger squeeze. where you having problems with the 68 site? or do you guys have some new shit when i was at hood we had the 68. i was with C 1-5 Cav 1st Cav Div......
oh yeah dont shut down.