Thursday, September 29, 2005

Space Baby Raised By Wolves

I hope more people think like this guy does. This is from the comments section from another soldier's blog, to a post that described an intense firefight in Mosul:

This was quite a story, my friend. I've never heard a story of war quite so vividly told by an involved party so close to the time of the battle. It's truly awe-inspiring to imagine what you faced, and the bravery with which you and your fellow soldiers faced it.

I know that what you are doing is important and necessary, and that someday history will look upon you and your fellows as heroes the likes of which some parts of America believed we could no longer produce. But I feel a pang when I read stories such as yours, as one who supported the war from the beginning, and still supports it today. It's the pang of responsibility for every risk you must take, every scene of violence you must witness, and every life you must end. And at this moment, that pang exceeds any sense of the value of the work you are doing in Iraq, protecting our nation by putting yourself in harm's way.

But more even than that pang, I feel a sense of admiration and gratitude toward you that I can't hope to express. Your courage and self-sacrifice is what keeps America safe, and allows all of us to enjoy the freedoms we so cherish. May you be safe under fire, and remain strong in your heart for as long as your strength is needed. And may America never forget the sacrifices you have made on her behalf.


membrain said...

Excellent post. Thanks. Is it possible that you could give us a link?

TheUsualSuspect said...

Its from cbftw's blog in the comments section for the Men In Black post.

membrain said...

I should have known. The Men in Black post was astounding. Thanks.