Thursday, September 01, 2005

Kicked In The Balls

I have learned that it apparently IS NOT POSSIBLE to receive a temporary transfer from an active duty unit to a national guard unit. The rational part of me understands this, understands the paperwork, and all of the tedious horseshit I would have to go through for this transfer, that by the time I was finished with the processing, the worst of it would already be over, and CNN would have found a new boogeyman to keep us awake at night.

The only thing I can do is donate money. Fuck, better than nothing, right? We can't all be winners, but there's no point in doing nothing. I'm not a fan of the self-serving, fuck-all-else mindset. Call me old fashioned.

1-800-HELP NOW

That is the hotline for donations to the Red Cross, for any of you who aren't too concerned with the rising price of gas to throw a little bit of money to a decent cause.

What is money?

Money as in abstract concept created by complex carbon-based life forms to facilitate society by means of providing incentive for people to perform necessary trades and favors, as well as create a universal bartering system. It is an IDEA manifested in coin and green paper. This idea is embedded deeply enough into our hearts and integrated so well into our society, that it is held more dearly than another person walking down the street. Money helps to maintain the class system that whether or not you want to accept, is NECESSARY for a society to properly function. That's the grim and ugly of it. Communism doesn't seem to work too well, with the exception of third world countries. No, we CAN'T all be equal. There must be a bottom and a top.

Just like there can never be anarchy. There are natural leaders and natural followers. We will never exist in a completely autonomous state. We are societal creatures. The strength of the wolf is in the pack.

The strength of the man is in his wallet.

That's fine though, I'll choose weakness, if the above statement is true. I'll tighten my belt for two weeks, a month, two months, however long. I'll eat balogna for a week. I'll eat in the chow hall for a month.

Because THAT is all the power that I have to help. All I can do is throw my share of "incentive" in a direction that I feel should not REQUIRE incentive. Yes, resources require money. Why? Because big businesses apparently can't forget the concept of profit long enough to distribute necessities to those that direly need it.

I hope I'm wrong, and Albertson's and WalMart are currently handing out groceries and rafts and camping equipment, sleeping bags, gas lanterns, generators, and clean clothes to the victims.

But hey, what would I know? I'm just a babykilling private.

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Jen said...

Wow Doughboy...that's some heavy stuff. Once again you challenge me to look deeper and realize something that I should've known but didn't....Jen