Thursday, September 01, 2005


As I come out of the shower, kicking my dirty sweaty uniform aside, and donning a freshly pressed and starched uniform, having returned from a 6 mile roadmarch (which is absolute priority), CNN brings me images of mobs of children chanting, "We want help!" from the hurricane and everything it fucked up.

Can we go now? Or is our four day weekend more important? Yes I know it would take time to prepare for this. So what? Start now. "All right boys, call your families, tell them you'll be going away for a little while to do your job, and you'll talk to them when you get back. Kiss your wife and kids, and then go save someone else's. We pay you so you can feed your families. Now take these MREs and help feed other families. Here's your packing list, we'll keep you all posted, be ready and waiting. Dismissed."

Dream on, right?

If anyone knows of a reputable charity group that's providing relief, let me know, and I'll funnel money in there without hesitation. If that's the LEAST I can do. My material desires can wait, dammit.

"We want help! We want help!"

I want to help.

I pray to God, Zeus, Allah, Wonderwoman, whoever is listening, to convince our leaders to send us down there to control looting, bring food, treat the injured, and show the humanitarian side of the military that thos little masses of wasted sperm in the music store back home claimed we cannot ever possess.

Give me the word. Fuck money. Fuck self-preservation and false sympathy. Fuck CNN, fuck everyone that gives money to them to prey on human suffering. Fuck anyone who doesn't give a shit. John Lennon would be singing an interesting tune right about now. Oh wait, we killed him, like we do with all the good people. Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Ghandi, Malcolm X, Lincoln. Need I go on? I digress.

I hope someone "important" stumbles upon this, and has the common decency to realize that we are ALL in this together, this strange and bizarre anomoly called "life", and that no one survives alone.

Sure, I didn't make a huge fuss over the tsunamis overseas. I will eagerly admit that I am not pperfect. But now I have to go to a VERY IMPORTANT LAND NAVIGATION class. Not that I've ever done land nav before, ever, and certainly enough times to make me want to puke blood.


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