Thursday, September 01, 2005


Talked to my platoon sergeant. He says that the chain of command is fine with me going, but I still can't, because I only have 1.5 days of leave, and they don't want me to go in the hole. Staying on post for Christmas won't work apparently. God forbid something ever made sense.

Now if I were to go down south alone, I'd be putting myself in a pretty tight spot as well. Nowhere to stay, limited funds for food, etc etc etc. Well shucks. I'm of the opinion (call me irrational) that I shouldn't even have to CONSIDER spending leave to assist my people. Before I could even form the thought, we should be getting word that we're heading down there ASAP.

But that isn't how things work. Yes, I'm aware that we don't have the vehicles right now. I can accept that this unit is still not on its feet. Why can't we offer to loan men to units that ARE aiding? I didn't get a straight answer for that one, other than it just isn't going to happen.

Its fucking awesome that my platoon sergeant was willing to send this up the chain and see what he could do for me. Its fucked up that it just won't seem to happen. I don't fucking get it. People who are capable, have the resources, and are ABLE to help...don't seem to want to for the most part. Fucking beautiful.

So for now, it looks like I'll be staying here, doing NOTHING, like the rest of us. Great. Just the news.

Oh, by the way, the former star that played the youngest male of the Partridge Family has a new reality show about his alcoholism and his dysfunctional family.

I'm going to put in a fat dip, get shitty drunk after work, pay my bills and debts, send the rest of my paycheck to a charity or something, and go climb Mount Rainier.

Fuck you very much, American mindset.

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