Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Say It Aint So

If this is how the majority of our country feels about us, let me know. I will gladly walk to the arms room, procure an M9 and a magazine, load a single round, and take a look at whatever next world awaits us.

Feel free to skim through that. I've got a few brief retorts.

Apparently, this HIGHLY INFORMED (and by "highly informed", I mean "person with a decent vocaublary who was able to skate through a high school English class) a-little-too-left-wing individual neglected to do his homework.

The Army is NOT composed of people who are incapable of getting jobs to sustain themselves, or those that are too stupid for college. My team leader has a degree in psychology. He's still Infantry. I could have done pretty much anything in college as well. I'm still Infantry.

My platoon sergeant is a very intelligent man. My platoon leader went to West Point, and has a degree in some form of engineering. But hey, we're just morons. We're just bottom of the barrel, and poor. Wrong. I come from a middle class family, which has come to be upper-middle class, now that I think about it. Hooray for progress.

And the Army doesn't accept just anyone. If you aren't disqualified BEFORE Basic, chances are, you could be weeded out during training. Good job for doing your homework. I'm on a roll today, pointing my angry middle finger at TWO Overly left wing idiots. I'm not left OR right wing.

(Sidenote- My platoon sergeant just called me, and I didn't recognize the phone number. So being the typical smartass that I am, I pick up the phone and say, "Speak." Whoops. His retort, "Boy, I will fuck you up." To which I rephrase my previous statement, "....Good evening Sergeant, how may help you?" God, I rock.)

Meanwhile, back at the farm....

I don't claim left or right wing affiliation for myself. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. People should think as individuals, not as flavors. This is all Coke vs Pepsi. Tastes Great or Less Filling. I'm starting to see a trend here. The people who are pissing me off, are ignorant pieces of steaming hot fecal matter who are trying to sway the minds of others, trying to lead some bullshit movement or wave of thought that you KNOW they wouldn't have the balls to back up. Everyone wants to be a hero, or atleast to have the glory of it, and none of the work. Fuck heroism. I'm a hero to my little brothers. That's more than enough for me. I don't want to inspire fans and worshippers and followers by writing my mundane crap on the internet. All I want is to share what I'm doing, and maybe even get some input from people, good or bad. Shit, tell me I'm wrong about this or that. Correct me. I'd hate to, you know, LEARN something.

But hey, "hero", you've shown us the light. You've shown us what horrible and stupid creatures the defenders of your country, rights, and (sickeningly) word. You caught me. I shall fear your name and keep a watchful and wary eye for your shadow as I practice my archaic satanistic rituals to bless me with innocents to slaughter in sacrifice for my dark lord. I'm so afraid of you setting your sights on my personal evil, that I might not even buy stocks in Wal-Mart or AOL Time Warner-Hershey-McBurger King-Krispy Starbucks. I guess this means I have to lay low before I go kill some more women and children FOR OIL.




Lisa, New York said...

If this is how the majority of our country feels about us, let me know.

Trust me, it's not. It's only a tiny, simple-minded, bitter, hateful minority (whom are all probably still living in mommy and daddy's basement).

Pay it no mind. They do it to get attention. Don't give them any.

TheUsualSuspect said...

Roger that. I recall our drill sergeants telling us that anytime people say things like that to them, they just smile, and don't say a word. If the person asks what they're smiling about, they just answer,

"I'm ready to give up everything just so you have the right to say that."

Anonymous said...

That is a very bitter person and doesn't represent the majority opinion.

I'm not happy that you have to serve in war, but I certainly don't belittle your contributions. I hope something positive is achieved in Iraq although I disagree with the premises for invading. Most of all, I wish for safety for all the troops. Is that insulting, as so many self-professed patriots tell me?

-morriskatze in Wisconsin

TheUsualSuspect said...

That's not insulting in the least bit. There are times that I don't agree with us being there. But then again, look at and see things from the flipside. It opened my eyes a little more.

And there is also nothing unpatriotic about what you're saying, so don't worry about that. I really appreciate your input. God(s) bless.