Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More Learning

After a very fun filled drug test, my platoon has begun our Combat Life Saving courses. Apparently, its more advanced than our basic First Aid classes, and is worth a very small amount of promotion points. If only that was appealing to me.

Despite the slump I've been in, I'm actually really enjoying learning this. We're learning how to directly help people out, whether its choking or battle wounds, or anything else of that nature. I look forward to seeing how well trained we are altogether by the time we deploy. I feel really good knowing that what I'm learning is practical, and can help people that I care about.

Sure, hand-to-hand combat, combatives, whatever you want to call it, is fun, but come on. I'm a pretty lightweight dude, so I usually don't fare too well in that endeavor. In that department, I'll just keep going to the gym, and keep working on combatives, but so far, its a pretty pitiful sight. Imagine the skinny nerdy guy from Road Trip flailing about trying to wrestle down Stiffler.

Atleast I'm better with rifles and mortars (which reminds me. I titled this eleven-bravo, before I enlisted. Once I arrived at basic training, I was informed that my platoon would be the eleven-charlie platoon. Mortars. We still get ALL the 11B training, plus our own, but it seems we don't get the credit. Since I've been at Ft Lewis, I haven't even touched a mortar system. Its been all 11B training. I'm considering going back to Benning if I can, and getting certified as an 11B as well).

So now that we know that this blog is a misnomer, we can carry on and drag our feet in the dirt. Being slotted for 11C was just my like, but it turned out to be a pretty cool MOS. But I digress.

Maybe I'm just full or particular zeal today, but I'm glad to be here. I have no illusions about being some incredible soldier (far from it), but I know that I'm still doing my part. Learning Combat Life Saving is just as important as urban combat training if you ask me. Maybe I should have been a medic. Nah.

Next week, training will continue to ramp up. Rifle marksmanship with our new M4s, night movement with NODs (night vision), and we'll be getting our Stryker vehicles this winter. Maybe this means we won't be doing Land Navigation every other day. Knock on wood.

One thing that I'm confused about, is that my unit will be moving to Germany, but we the members of it won't. Instead, we'll become 2nd Infantry Division. So I wonder if we'll remain a Stryker brigade or not. I'm sure I'll find out when they hand me my new unit patch.

We'll keep you posted.

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