Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The March and Michael Moore

Our 6 mile, hour and a half pace roadmarch went well. My roommate and I took a wrong turn and ended up having to turn back and go around, but we still made the time frame. The EIB (expert infantry badge) standard is 12 miles in 6 hours. Yeah, I'll let you know how that one goes.

One thing that I was thinking about while marching, is that conspiracy theory nuts bother me. Its like we're obsessed with the idea of being lied to. We aren't supposed to trust the people leading us? Its one thing if significant and credible evidence is presented to suggest wrongdoing, but some people have been taking it a bit far the past few years.

For a moment, lets assume that shady things ARE going on in our governments around the world. Ever stop to consider why? Look at the big picture? Yeah, its ugly. Before you start judging and pointing fingers and shining flashlights in closet doors looking for your witches, ask yourself, "Can I do a better job?"

Yeah, I know, I know. That sounds pretty cold, and horrible. But I've been looking at the other side of the coin, and the world can be a very ugly place. Do you honestly want to know about some of the things that may be going on "behind the scenes"? Shit, I thought the news delivered enough spirit-crushing news. I'm not preaching complacency or anything, just suggesting that people look at the bigger picture. Hell, tell me what you find. I'm always eager to hear another point of view or an intelligent argument.

I was also thinking about Michael Moore. Don't get me wrong, he strikes me as a very intelligent man, and I think he's an excellent filmmaker. I really liked Fahrenheit 9/11. But I didn't like how one-sided it is. Sure, he's presenting HIS point of view, but I can't help but get the impression that he's got his own agenda. I'm sure countless people have already said the same things.

Sure, pal, you're pretty clever by pointing out a little hypocrisy in the senators, who aren't sending their sons to war. I don't see you over there, though. Oh you don't agree with it? Well that's funny, because I never said I DID. But I DO agree with helping out guys like me who were already in uniform.

I support my troops with more than a fucking sticker on my car. I joined them. And its been hard as hell so far, and it will get worse. But hey, I'm sure making that movie was very dangerous, physically and mentally demanding, and proved true patriotism. Go ahead and try to sway the nation against its leader. Shit, WHY the hell would you want a people that STAND TOGETHER? Ohmygosh how stupid! I think everyone should just disagree and whine and throw out their own uneducated opinions without taking any actual action, for the mere sake of self importance.

That's right Mike. You're self important.

Thanks for the kind words and support you offer to the troops and to the families. I honestly appreciate that. But are you talking to us honestly, or are you patronizing us? You go on and on about how much the Bush family makes from the Saudis. How much money did you make from your movie? I recall having to PAY to see it.

"Common Sense" was handed out (correct me if I'm wrong). Your opinion came with a dollar sign.

I could be mistaken, and if so, I'd gladly offer a rebuttal. However, this is the way I see it so far, and I'm calling it as I see it. maybe I'm being one sided too. I'm not making money off of this blog though.

This is a question to anyone, not meant to be sardonic. Can you think of a better way to deal with Iraq? Should we pull out and let their police be decimated? Or should we continue to step up and offer a bit of help to a country that needs it?

"But that's not Bush's agenda! And we shouldn't force democracy on--"

Hold your thought. Bush's agenda does not equal my agenda. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't KNOW our president. I've never met him. I've never sat down and had a few beers with him, played golf, chased girls and had intellectual conversations with him. But hey, if you have, and have exposed all his oh so dirty little secrets, you've found his horns and tail, taken away his trident to show the masses, then by all means, enlighten me.

But come the fuck on. I'm sick of empty opinions. I'm not saying sit and be idle, but can't we do a better job of informing ourselves (like with CNN!!! No? Ahem.....) instead of borrowing someone else's opinions?

Baaaaa, moooooo, baaaa baaaa.

What the hell was that noise? Oh, that's uneducated gibberish and unjustified opinion. I suggest that anyone who is even remotely interested, please check out a comedian who went by the name of Bill Hicks. He was hilarious, but also carried several messages that I think people should consider.

Don't take what I've been saying as the gospel truth or anything. Think for yourself. Its very possible that I'm the one that could be wrong. Anyone that wants to prove me wrong is more than likely. But if you're going to accuse me of (preparing to) fight for oil, then I really hope you have significant supporting information.

God(s? for those who cater to a different belief) bless.

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membrain said...

Good post Ryan. You've got talent. Thanks for all the shit you're going through. I hope it gets better before it gets worse.